What Chips Are For

Chips, crisps, whatever you call ’em. You know what they’re made for?

Stress eating. Yep.

Mmm *crunchcrunch*

Mmm *crunchcrunch*


Let’s be real here. Those little round potato pieces are much too noisy to be eaten when you’re watching Sherlock or football (both of which are things I highly recommend watching. COYG!) I don’t think they make for particularly good snacks either because they are so salty!

But as stress food? Good golly, they rock.

I kind of envy medical students in schools that only hold tests/exams at the end of each semester, because we have them all year round, and when we do, my brain goes nuts and tells me to start binge-eating chips. (Someone in my group counted, and I think we’ll have 12 tests/exams this semester. Nuts.)

I think I’m on averagely 4 packs of 150gm chips every month? More or less (mostly more, heh). Which I know isn’t healthy but it’s something I find very hard to shake off! I’ll be smack in the middle of studying, and my mind will start saying “So hey, some chips now would be good ey.” And it won’t shut up. Ridiculous.

In an attempt to control that habit, I have decided to stop buying chips when I get my groceries. So if I ever crave them, I would have to walk down to the grocery store to get just one pack and come right back. It seems to be working a little, because 1. I really don’t want to pull on warmer clothes to go out for a pack of chips; 2. Chips at the nearby store costs more than at Carrefour! and 3. If my cravings hit late at night, the store won’t be open anyway.

Let’s hope this system works out for me. I don’t understand why I have such little self-control when it comes to chips, but yeah. Here’s to a less chips-y semester.

EDIT: I saw this post today about eating too many chips, and perhaps I should use that as my phone wallpaper hmm.


You got to read that post above because I saw this Daily Prompt this morning, and thought “Oh yeah, like me and Lay’s” and couldn’t shake it off my brain. Thoroughly aware that the original point of the prompt was for you to talk about others’ vices though, but eh. *shrugs*


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