A Love That Just Keeps Giving

Tonight was my very first prayer meeting in Poland. I don’t know why I waited so long, but I am so thankful that I have a friend who cared enough to ask if I was going. And I am glad I did.

Going to church is one thing, but a prayer meeting is quite something else. A prayer meeting where you can just not worry about what anyone thinks about you, or if you’re worshiping too loudly, too softly, if you’re saying the right words, is just so lifting and incredibly edifying.

And a prayer meeting where you know the love and presence of your beloved Father is just right there all around you is even more incredible.


New mercies every day

Personally, the one thing that speaks to me the most in being a Christian is knowing that Christianity isn’t a set of rules, but an immensely fulfilling relationship with a God who is so holy, but who can love me, a sinner, so much. There’s a never-ending flow of unconditional love that keeps pouring out, all over me.

But tonight, I just suddenly realized that, hey, where would I be without the mercy and grace and forgiveness and redemption that I have through Christ? Sure, I’ve been taught that many times, but do you know what it feels like to have an acute comprehension of the magnitude of grace that you and I are standing in?

It’s earth-shattering.

To be made so aware of the sin that is in my life, but to still have the privilege to call my God Father, is simply too much. I did nothing to deserve it. I have not loved enough, cared enough, been gentle enough, shown compassion and forgiveness. On top of that all, I still do things I shouldn’t. In the truest sense of the word, I have not been good.

And yet, through the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ, I am whole. Accepted. Loved. A child of God. And so graciously forgiven.

Just. Wow.

His love. Just. Keeps. Giving.

And that is, the greatest love of all.


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